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A3 MOEBE Frame in open box.
This item has been returned and the box has been opened and sometimes torn or damaged.
The frame itself is in order and complete.

Dimensions H44 x L31.7 x W1.2 cm
Material: aluminum frame, acrylic glass, rubber strap
Color: white aluminum frame, white rubber strap

Made in Europe. Designed to last.
Frame consists of two pieces of acrylic glass, four frames of untreated oak or aluminum and a rubber band. The rubber band keeps the frame together and serves to hang the frame on your wall.

Material: untreated oak (certified sustainable) / aluminum with powder coating, acrylic glass, rubber strap

How do I clean the Plexiglas?
With warm water and a soft cloth. The Plexiglas also tolerates glass cleaner.

Do I have to squeeze the flowers before listing them?
If you want the flowers to remain beautiful, they must first be pressed before they are placed between the plexiglass. If not, they will rot in a short time. Here you will find our manual for pressing flowers.

Will the rubber band break at some point?
Because our rubber bands are made of industrial rubber, they will not rot or dry out. Therefore, they do not break like normal rubber bands. However, if a rubber band breaks due to a production error, we will gladly replace it free of charge.

My print is falling down, what can I do?
Not all prints stay in place, this can be due to the thickness or surface of the paper. If the printout is made of very fine and/or thin paper, it may not stick on its own as it requires a little friction. This can be solved by either placing an extra sheet of paper behind the print and thereby increasing the thickness, or by gluing it to the Plexiglas with a glue stick or piece of tape (this is easy to wash off again).

The problem can also often be solved by flipping the individual Plexiglas sheets over so that the outside faces the print instead. In hot or humid environments, the Plexiglas may bend outwards a little in some cases. By turning the glass, it bends inwards and thus holds the print in place.

Can I hang it from all sides?
Because you hang the frame on the rubber band, which runs all the way around the frame, you can hang it on all four sides. Here's how to hang up the list.

Why is the plexiglass unclear or has a milky appearance?
To protect the plexiglass during transport, we have added foil on both sides of each plexiglass sheet. Therefore, you must remove all four pieces of foil per Frame before using it.

Take care of your frame
Light stains on the oak frame can be removed by gently rubbing in the direction of the grain with 400 grit (very fine) sandpaper. Stains on the aluminum frame can be easily washed off with warm water or universal cleaner.

The Plexiglas can be washed with warm water and a soft cloth - it also tolerates glass cleaner, if desired.

MOEBE is a Scandinavian design studio that makes products, furniture and interiors.
Formed in 2015 by architects Martin de Neergaard Christensen, Nicholas Oldroyd and furniture maker Anders Thams. We design everything in our own studio and develop our own products.

“Our products are designed with modularity in mind, they are based on individual components and can be easily repaired, assembled and recycled. We strive to reduce our designs to their simplest forms. Developing new details and techniques to combine different materials and elements together without simply using glue or welding."