The fashion industry is in need for a major renovation.
The unsustainable system in which clothes last for one season,
wardrobes ought to be refreshed every six months and warehouses
piling up with dead-stock.
It no longer fits this time.

The fashion industry’s problems were painfully exposed
during the pandemic. It is urgent to make a change. 
Fortunately, more and more brands are moving away
from viewing fashion in seasons.

At the start of 2019 we opted for a seasonless and timeless collection
with garments that can be worn every day. In our studio and brand store
in Eindhoven we work on our designs and are close with you,
our customer and the wearer of our designs.

We parted with the fashion cycle and no longer
let our pace be determined by buying seasons and fashion fairs. 
We move in our own pace, develop our garments without a sense of rush
and only add a few new styles to our collection throughout the year. 

With this approach we do not overproduce and only
release a garment into our collection when we are completely satisfied
with all the details.

Seasonless design and production

Working with the fashion seasons puts a lot of pressure on the organization.
Deadlines that must be met, fabrics that must be in a certain place
at a certain time or shipment causes delays. 
Minor inconveniences can cause big complications.

This is followed by periods of rest in which there is almost
nothing for the production companies to do.
Huge fluctuations that cause a lot of restlessness and uncertainty.

By no longer binding ourselves to these seasons,
the workload for our production company will be more evenly
distributed over the whole year, which is beneficial for the staff
and ultimately for the quality of the clothing.
A piece of clothing is finished when the fit, comfort and design
are all right and not because the deadline is approaching.

Our sustainability stems from using high-quality materials and
casting them into timeless designs, allowing garments
to be worn for 5 to10 years.

Production within Europe

We are proud to be making our garments in Europe.
Every detail is carefully taken care of by a team of skilled people
with whom we have been working for over 10 years now.
Now more than ever, we need each other’s support
and hope to set an example for other companies
to stick together when times get rough.

A circular system

In 2020 we launched our pre-loved program in which
customers can bring studio .ruig garments back to the store.

These pre-loved pieces are photographed, minor repairs may be done
and are sold through our online channels.
When the garment is sold the customer is rewarded with a credit
in their account to invest in a new studio .ruig garment.

With this circular system we aim to let pre-loved garments
from early adapters flow to new wearers in an easy approachable way.
In this manner new wearers are able to experience the quality
and comfort of studio .ruig and feel more confidence when
investing in their garderobe in the future.

Together with our customer we strive to make slow fashion
known and accessible to a wider audience.