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Onepiece Oeke heavy and medium jersey black 292/0012 + 705/0003

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Onepiece with a medium jersey top and heavy jersey bottom. It has a folded neckline at the top and a blind zipper in the back. The elastic waistband is also a tunnel for a cord. The bottom has side pockets and fake paspel pockets in the back. Onepiece Oeke is the garment in your wardrobe that you can never go wrong with. Suit up and feel comfortable due the stretch of the fabric. ⁠

• Folded neckline
• Elastic waistband

• Blind zipper
• Clean cut hems on the sleeves
• Small roll hem on the trouser legs

    73% Polyamide - 27% Elastane and 72% Polyamide - 28% Elastane
    Heavy jersey and medium jersey are a mixture of polyamide and elastane. Polyamide is known for being a breathable fabric because it absorbs moisture and feels soft to the skin. It is highly stretchable and therefore very comfortable to wear. It is a fabric that is easy to take care of and perfect for travelling as you can fold it to a very thin package that is light in weight. It's almost wrinkle free and dries quickly.

    This is a jersey fabric.
    This fabric is produced in Italy.

    Care instructions
    Wash on 40ºC.
    Do not tumble dry or bleach.
    Hang to dry.
    It is not necessary to iron this garment as the fabric dries quickly and is almost wrinkle free. 
    If you want to iron; iron this garment on a very low temperature, inside out, with a piece of cloth in between the garment and the iron.