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Trousers Bruno linen cotton off white

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Culotte pants with large pleats in the front legs of the pants from the waistband.
These pants are worn at the waist and have a strong waistband that is comfortable to wear and they are closed in the side seam with a concealed zipper.
The wideness of the trouser legs makes it almost look like a skirt from a distance.
A fake pocket flap on the right back of the pants has an interesting detail; This flap goes over into the side pocket of the pants.
The linen cotton variant has a white lining to prevent undergarments from penetrating through the fabric.

43% linen 33% polyester 24% cotton
inen is added to this blend to give the fabric texture and body. Linen is a natural fiber extracted from the flax plant. Polyester has been added to this fabric for strength and abrasion resistance. Polyester is a thermoplastic material, which means that it can be transformed by heat. This allows texture to be applied to a fabric and keeps the fabric in shape. Cotton is a natural fiber known for being strong and easy to care for.

This is a woven fabric.
This fabric is produced in Italy.

Care instructions
Hand wash only.
Preferably wash at cold temperatures.
Do not tumble dry or bleach.
Hang to dry.
Iron inside out at a low temperature.

We recommend using our delicate laundry lotion to care for this product.

Garment Dimensions
Waist 72 cm
Hips 117 cm
Outside leg length 81.5 cm
Inseam 54.5 cm

The sizes are taken from size 34

This garment has a standard fit.

This garment is made in Poland.